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Ethic Scooters

What Is The Best Ethic Complete Pro Scooter?

Ethic DTC Erawan Complete

The Erawan is known as one of the lightest scooters on the market, weighing in at only 6.7 pounds. This scooter is excellent for those who are into getting big air and, more importantly, having control while you do it. An aluminum frame makes this compete so much lighter than your average pro scooter.

Ethic DTC Vulcain Complete

This Complete comes with extra large 12 standard wheels and an all-new 5.1” wide by 22” long deck. This is an awesome complete from Ethic that will allow you to catch speed on the way to work and catching air in park after. We recommend this scooter for anyone riding uneven streets or parks that need to get over a couple bumps in the road. 

Who Is Ethic DTC?

Ethic DTC is one of the world’s most popular scooter brands with quality-level pro scooters and parts. The name comes from Ethic DTC’s vision of ethical values, designing quality scooters and parts for everyone to have access to. Their decks and bars are known for being lightweight making them best for intermediate to advanced users.

How Much is An Ethic Scooter?

An Ethic Erawan will cost you 199.95, giving it a great price for the lightest scooter in the market. Parts and accessories are sold so that the rider can customize their scooter. Ethic produces parts and accessories from grips to wheels and everything needed to give your the best riding experience. 

Is Ethic DTC A Good Scooter Brand?

Absolutely, especially if you’re looking for a sleek light scooter. Ethic currently offers the Erawan and the Vulcain completes to get you started, but they also offer many parts and accessories for your riding needs. We highly recommend Ethic DTC for anyone that wants a high quality lightweight scooter to fly around the park or cruise the streets.