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Prey Today

Best Prey Today Scooter Parts & Accessories

Prey Feel Wheels 110mm

Prey designed this classic 5 spoke wheel that has proven to not only look great but also sustain wear better than most out there. The Feel wheels also come 110mm x 24mm with pre-installed Abec 9 bearings to ensure a smooth roll. These Prey wheels have an extremely clean look, especially when you see  them in action. 

Prey Today Pro Scooter Deck

Prey wanted a light and strong neck where they can balance strength and weight. If you are looking for  a street deck that will perform extremely day to day with a sick and subtle design, then you have found your deck right here. The welds on the Prey Today Deck look super clean and super strong. 

Prey Today Small Logo Griptape

Prey offers minimalist designs that keeps your scooter looking clean as can be without being too loud. Prey griptape has an amazing coarse design, making sure your feet dont slide no matter how steep that rail you're hitting may be.  

Who Are Prey Pro Scooters?

This Scandinavian company is new and making an impact in the scooter scene. With it’s sick dark designs and quality materials there is no doubt that Prey will become one of the most popular scooter brands in the market. 

How Much Do Prey Parts Cost?

Prey’s parts and accessories are sold piece by piece so that the rider can customize their scooter to their own requirements. Prey produces parts and accessories from grips to wheels and everything in-between to give you the best riding experience.

Is Prey A Good Pro Scooter Brand?

Absolutely! If you’re a minimalist or into a darker feel then you have to own something from Prey. Their unique design concepts and top tier build quality will give you everything you want. Look at our Prey lineup, you won’t regret it!