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Ethic DTC Deck Lindworm V4

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Product Description

Evolution of the Lindworm V4 Boxed Deck

Experience the next level of performance with the Lindworm V4 Boxed Deck. This advanced deck has undergone significant improvements to elevate your riding experience. Discover its lighter weight, increased strength, and expanded width for enhanced control and durability. Compatible with both 8STD and 12STD systems, this deck offers versatility and adaptability to suit your preferences. Let's delve into the key features that make the Lindworm V4 Boxed Deck a game-changer.


Lighter and Stronger Construction

The Lindworm V4 Boxed Deck has been meticulously engineered to be 8% lighter while maintaining exceptional strength. The use of high-quality materials ensures superior durability and reliability, allowing you to push your limits with confidence. This lightweight design maximizes your agility and maneuverability, giving you an edge in your riding style.


Expanded Width for Enhanced Performance

With a 20mm wider profile, the Lindworm V4 Boxed Deck provides an expanded platform for better stability and control. The increased width gives you ample space to comfortably position your feet, enabling you to execute tricks and maneuvers with precision. This additional width enhances overall performance and delivers a more comfortable riding experience.


Versatile Compatibility

Designed to accommodate both 8STD and 12STD systems, the Lindworm V4 Boxed Deck offers seamless compatibility for your preferred setup. It includes 8STD transition spacers with an M8 axle, ensuring a smooth transition between systems. This flexibility allows you to customize your scooter according to your preferences, whether you choose the traditional 8STD or the modern 12STD configuration.


Improved Features for Enhanced Performance

The Lindworm V4 Boxed Deck incorporates several improved features to optimize your riding experience. The AED (All Ends Detachable) deck ends are now constructed with 7075-T6 aluminum, providing exceptional durability and strength. The AED blunt plate further enhances the deck's overall integrity, ensuring it can withstand rigorous riding sessions.


Dual Brake Positioning

Equipped with the new 12STD nylon brake V4, the Lindworm V4 Boxed Deck offers a unique switch diameter system. This innovative feature allows you to adjust the brake position, accommodating different wheel sizes of either 115mm or 125mm. This versatility ensures optimal brake performance and allows you to fine-tune your scooter setup to your liking.


Enhanced Components for Optimal Performance

The Lindworm V4 Boxed Deck includes upgraded grip saver v2 and 12STD axle v2. These improved components contribute to the overall performance and reliability of the deck. The grip saver v2 provides superior grip and control, allowing you to maintain a secure hold during intense riding sessions. The 12STD axle v2 ensures optimal strength and stability, ensuring your scooter is ready to handle any challenge.


Sleek Design Options

Choose from two stylish color options, Black and Raw, to suit your personal style. Both color variations boast a sleek and modern aesthetic, further complementing the overall design of the Lindworm V4 Boxed Deck. Ride in style and turn heads with this visually appealing and high-performing deck.


Product Specifications:

  • Weight: 4.44 lbs (2015g)
  • Deck Length: 22 in (560mm) OR 23,6 in (600mm)
  • Deck Width: 6.30 in (160mm)
  • Angle: 83,5°
  • 12 STD Compatible: Yes
  • End Deck Type: Boxed
  • Material: Aluminium 6061


Experience the evolution of scooter decks with the Lindworm V4 Boxed Deck. Unlock your potential, ride with confidence, and embrace the future of scooter technology. Elevate your performance and dominate the streets with the Lindworm V4 Boxed Deck.


  • 5
    Ethic lindworm v4

    Posted by Kayden on Sep 4th 2022

    This thing is a beauty. I have had all 4 variations of the lindworm and it has never disappointed. A very good a solid deck for any kind of rider.

  • 5
    heard nothing but good things about it

    Posted by eddie on Sep 3rd 2022

    very good i ridden one before and it’s very good if your hybrid