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Which envy scooter is the best?

Envy One S3 Pro Scooter

One of the industry’s best entry-level pro scooters that will not disappoint. The one piece steel bar is welded to the crossbar, giving beginners the extra confidence during their rides. This scooter is 100% customizable, so if you want to build your dream scooter, the Envy One is the one for you.


Envy Colt S5 Pro Scooter

The Colt is back for 2022 with a brand new look and premium quality. The Series 5 Colt is a great option for riders who don't need the large parts for extra weight on their stunts. This complete scooter comes at a weight of 8.25 lbs. 

Envy KOS S7 Soul Pro Scooter

The KOS Series is Envy’s top of the line models. This scooter is for riders who want to focus on street style riding. It is suitable for the intermediate to advanced rider wanting to shred either at the park or predominantly on the streets. 

Envy Pro Scooter Parts and Accessories

Who are Envy Pro Scooters?

Envy/Blunt Scooters started in 2009 in Melbourne Australia, designed for beginner to advanced riders. Envy/Blunt Scooters have always been known for their innovative quality parts at an affordable price. 

How much do envy scooters cost?

Envy? Blunt complete decks come at a great price for being a foreing and quality product. You can start with the One S3 Complete deck for $139 or a KOS S6 Complete deck at $223. There are also other complete decks with prices in between.  

Is envy a good scooter brand?

This Australian brand comes with so much that it is hard to say which one is the best. We recommend going with what your needs are because you can’t go wrong with choosing an Envy.