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Common Electric Scooter Problems & Solutions

Nick A. on Mar 26th 2024

Electric Scooter Snags & Fixes: Your Go-To Guide E-scooters have quickly become the go-to mode of transport for urban dwellers seeking an eco-friendly and wallet-friendly way to navigate the c … read more

Best Complete Scooters For All Ages & Experience

Nick Almaguer on Aug 29th 2022

Our Picks For Best Complete ScootersCommuter Scooter | Adults | Cityglide C200 CompleteKick Scooter | 5 - 7 Year Olds | Root Industries - Type R Mini CompleteKick Scooter | 7 - 9 Year Olds | Envy One … read more

How To Dial Scooters

Nick Almaguer on Aug 29th 2022

What Does It Mean To Dial Your Scooter?Dialed is a phrase used by pro scooter riders to describe a scooter that is well put together. Basically a dialed scooter will have all the bolts well tightened … read more

Best Scooter Forks For Pros & Amateurs

Nick Almaguer on Jul 29th 2022

Our Picks For Best Scooter Forks Lightest Fork for 24mm Wheels | SCS & HIC | Aztek Circa 3 Scooter ForkLightest Fork for 30mm Wheels | SCS & HIC | Aztek Templar Scooter ForkMost Versatile For … read more