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Featured Lucky Complete Pro Scooters

Lucky Crew Complete Pro Scooter

The Lucky CREW Complete is a great entry level model. This complete is a smaller and lighter set up that will be easy to maneuver. We recommoned this scooter if you're looking into getting your first pro scooter without breaking the bank. You can even upgrade parts as you outgrow it!

Lucky Prospect Complete Pro Scooter

The Prospect complete is one of our lightest scooters available, wieghing in at 7lbs. The Prospect comes equipped with an all new aluminim HexBar, Anodized IHC Huracan fork, and a 19.5" long by 4.8" wide deck with an all new plated front end for added durability. 

Who Are Lucky Pro Scooters?

Lucky Scooters, one of the most popular pro scooter companies in the world, works with some of the best riders, designers, and manufacturers. Lucky complete scooters and parts specialize at having competitive prices for everyone from beginners and professional riders. The company is also known for supporting riders, promoting the sport, and creating opportunities inside the pro scooter community. 

How Much Is A Luck Pro Scooter?

Lucky Pro Scooters run at great prices for quality and design. You can begin with the CREW scooter at $159.95, allowing you to customize later on as you begin advancing or you can go for the Cody Flom Signature at $239.95 and be good for quite a while! You can even get all the parts to build your own custom Lucky scooter!

Is Lucky A Good Scooter Brand?

Absolutely! With it's quality parts and accessories and different designer collabs, this is a brand that we love to see at our store.