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Root Industries

Best Root Industries Wheels

Root Industries - Honeycore Wheels

In 2017, Root Industries shocked the scooter scene with the Honeycore wheel. Root Industries was testing just how far they could push hollow-core technology. By utilizing advanced manufacturing processes, as well as going through a bit of trial and error, Root Industries has managed to find a specific, calculated honeycomb cutout pattern that results in a great deal of weight saved, as well as an attractive appearance, and unmatched performance.

Root Industries - Liberty Wheels

Just wow! Look at these sleek American made wheels. The all-new Liberty Wheels lineup, a series of high-quality wheels made in the land of the free & the home of the brave. With urethane hand-poured in the U.S., combined with Root Industries’ proven core design, the Liberty wheel has every bit the quality of the top U.S. made wheels - at a more affordable cost. Attractive appeal and resilience - tested by some of the scootering industry’s top riders.

Who Are Root Industries?

At Root Industries, their vision is to innovate freestyle scootering while trailblazing new ideas and ideals. Root Industries promotes individuality and above all, provide high-quality products suited for both progression and comfort for riders and our sport of pro scootering. They create pro scooters and components that provide riders around the world a competitive advantage.

How Much Are Root Pro Scooters?

Root Industries has quality components at a great price. With wheels made in the US and at a price of $79.95, you can’t beat that. We recommend grabbing some of their parts and accessories. You’ll never be let down when you go with Root Industries. Plus with completes priced between $130 and $260 - Root Industries makes something for everyone.

Is Root Industries A Good Brand?

Of course! This Australian brand produces quality components for stunts and all the wear and tear you’ll throw at them. Root Industries strives for durability to give you the best performance and podium standings while offering completely unique designs and colorways.