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How To Build A Custom Scooter

1. Choose A Deck

Scooter decks usually come with brakes and bolts included.

2. Bars To Match

Don't forget to properly size your bars to match.

3. Choose A Fork That Ties It All Together

Remember, not all scooter forks match all scooter wheels.

4. Choose A Clamp Compatible With Your Fork

Make sure your scooter clamp matches your scooter bar.

5. Choose Wheels, The Jewel Of Any Custom Scooter

Make sure you are ordering the correct amount of wheels listed. Hint: You want 2 wheels.

6. Find Some griptape that ties everything together

Scooter grip tape is the perfect way to express yourself. Knife not included.

7. Pick A Headset That Accents Everything

Make sure to match your scooter headset with your scooter fork.

8. Find Comfortable Grips That Look Great

Rubber scooter grips or grip tape. It's your preference.

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Custom Scooter FAQ

What Is The Best Custom Scooter?

best custom scooter

A custom scooter is probably the highest performance scooter available. It's an awesome process where you select and assemble eight different types of parts to make something truly unique to you. Feel free to even go a step further by adding stickers and decals for that added piece of customization!

How Do You Pick A Custom Scooter?

Let's walk you through how to pick the parts to make your own custom scooter. Like we said before, there are eight unique parts that go into a custom scooter.


Which parts you choose will depend on your riding style. If you're a street rider who enjoys tricks such as grinding, you will want to choose a nice wide deck with a squared (boxed) back end and maybe top it off with some chromoly steel T shaped handlebars. If you're riding parks and enjoy doing arial tricks off of big ramps, you want to choose a light weight set up with a smaller deck and lighter Y shaped handle bars made out of titanium or aluminum. Up top, you will find a list of all the types of parts you need to put together your own custom scooter.

how to build a custom scooter