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Best Vital Pro Scooter Parts & Accessories

Vital Handgrips

We love these grips and if you like the way Envy TPR grips feel, then you'll love these too! They come in some vibrant colors to make your pro scooter stand out. The Vital HandGrips come 160mm long with nylon bar ends. Colors include: black, clear, or neon green.

Vital Bomb White Griptape

Take a look at this killer design! Vital Bomb Grip Tape is made from high quality grip tape that does not tear and come off in pieces like some of the cheap paper grip tapes out there. In addition, this grip tape comes in at 6" x 23" making it one of the biggest sheets in the game.

Vital Heartbeat Griptape

The Heartbeat design looks really crisp, and definitely an eyecatcher. The HeartBeat design comes in 3 cool colors like Green, Red and Teal! Each sheet is 6" x 23" which means they'll fit on most decks out there!

Who Is Vital Scooters?

Vital Scooters was started by pro scooter rider Raymond Warner and his brand sponsor Envy Scooters, so you know it’s going to be great! For their first product release, they decided to go simple and drop a few grip tape designs and these super comfy hand grips. We're excited to see what they'll drop in the future!

How Much Are Vital Scooter Parts?

Vital has great prices, especially with the collab of Raymond Warner and Envy Scooters. Design, quality, and cost makes Vital such a great company! We’re super excited to see what other products come out from Vital.

Is Vital A Good Scooter Brand?

With a name like Envy and Raymond Warner, do we need to say more? Vital Scooters brand will continue to make awesome parts and accessories and we can’t wait to ride with them. Grab yourself a pair of grips or grip tapes and see for yourself. We promise you, you’ll want more.