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Best Triad Parts and Accessories

Triad Launder Chromoloy Bars

Triad aspires to have the strongest bar on the market. Made from the highest grade heat treated Chromoly and is supported by mechanically designed gussets with no sharp edges. The design is really cool as it has less welding to give it a clean look while having durability. 


Riot Titanium Bars

The Riot Steel Bars are light and strong steel bars. Triad made the steel thicker in places where there is high stress, and thinner where there is less stress. These bars are less likely to bend at the crossbar like others. Have you are looking for something with strength, these bars are for you!


Psychic Voodoo Deck

Triad’s new Psychic Voodoo deck was styled from their original Medusa deck but significantly ruined to reduce weight and improve function. This deck also features the new V2 Fend Off brake system, light but strong neck and head tubes. 

Who are Triad?

Triad is a combination of 20 years manufacturing experience and expert collaboration with some of today’s most influential riders. They strive to be the most progressive scooter line on the market. Triad develops every part to not only address the sport today but also to what it will be in the future. 

How Much Do Triad Parts And Accessories Cost?

One of our favirte things about Triad is that they offer such a wide variety of price points. Two of Triad's main products include completes and handlebars. In terms of completes you will find Triad offers top level quality for mid to upper prices. When it comes to handlebars the same can be said, you can get top quality handlebars for a mid tier price and if you are willing to pay more you can get some of the best handlebars on the market!

Is Triad A Good Brand?

Although their not the biggest brand, Triad offers some of the best products in the whole scooter industry. From the lightest steel handlebars on the market (Triad Launder Bars) to proffesional tier quality completes - Every single Triad product really is amazing. You can't go wrong shopping for Triad.