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Triad Psychic V2 Deck

$129.95 - $169.95
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Product Description

Available in 6 sizes and boxed or angled. The Vixen, Hellion, & Voodoo make up Triad's revamped Psychic V2 deck range.

With help from Triad's Pro team they have refined the Psychic deck to once again be at the forefront of deck design.

The deck might look similiar to the original, but the Psychic V2 has been virtually rebuilt from the ground up!


• Tapered integrated head tube design.
• Refined 5.5" and 6" wide extrusions with more concave.
• More compatibilty with both 24mm and 30mm wheel spacers provided with easy to install spacer systems.
• Re-enforced Psychic neck.
• Encased Cro-Moly reinforced 5.0 drop outs minimising deformation.
• Forged blunt plate inserts with recess countersunk welding for a clean look but also to protect the welds.
• Variations of head tube angles between the angled and boxed decks.
• All deck sizes are compatible with up to 30mm (W) x 125mm (H) wheels.




19.5″ x 4.7″

(495mm x 120mm)

LENGTH: 495mm/19.5”

WIDTH: 120mm/4.7”

WEIGHT:  1.38kg/3.04lbs


20.5″ x 5″

(520mm x 127mm)

LENGTH: 520mm/20.5”

WIDTH: 127mm/5”

WEIGHT:  1.47kg/3.25lbs


21″ x 5.5″ BOXED

(535mm x 140mm)

LENGTH: 535mm/21”

WIDTH: 140mm/5.5”

WEIGHT:  1.74kg/3.83lbs


22″ x 5.5″ BOXED

(560mm x 140mm)

LENGTH: 560mm/22”

WIDTH: 140mm/5.5”

WEIGHT:  1.8kg/3.96lbs


22″ x 6″ BOXED

(560mm x 152mm)

LENGTH: 560mm/22”

WIDTH: 152mm/6”

WEIGHT:  1.87kg/4.12lbs


23″ x 6″ BOXED

(585mm x 152mm)

LENGTH: 585mm/23”

WIDTH: 152mm/6”

WEIGHT:  1.93kg/4.25lbs