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Havoc Descendant - Dejion Taylor Signature

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Product Description

Unleash Your Potential with the Havoc Descendant Pro Scooter

Designed personally by the renowned Dejion Taylor from Havoc, the Havoc Descendant Pro scooter stands out as one of the finest complete scooters available. With an unwavering focus on top quality and optimum performance, this scooter is the ultimate choice for riders who aim to elevate their skills in the scooter industry, all while maintaining affordability.


Impressive Specifications for Unmatched Performance

Bars: Standing tall at 25 inches and measuring 24 inches in width, the Havoc Descendant Pro scooter provides a comfortable and ergonomic grip, allowing you to maintain complete control during your daring stunts and smooth rides.

Deck: With dimensions of 20 inches in length and 4.9 inches in width, the deck of the Havoc Descendant Pro scooter offers a spacious platform for executing tricks with precision. Its sturdy construction ensures durability even during intense sessions.

Brake: The Havoc Aluminum Flex Brake ensures reliable and responsive stopping power, giving you the confidence to execute your tricks with precision and safety.

Fork: Equipped with the Havoc Heat Treated Aluminum Fork, this scooter delivers optimal strength and resilience, providing a solid foundation for your most daring maneuvers.

Headset: The Havoc Fully Sealed Integrated Headset offers smooth and precise steering, allowing you to navigate with ease and execute quick turns effortlessly.

Compression: Featuring the Havoc HIC (Hidden Internal Compression) system, this scooter ensures efficient energy transfer and a responsive ride. Experience enhanced stability and control as you conquer the streets and skateparks.

Clamp: The Havoc Descendant Pro scooter boasts a new design CNC Double Clamp, offering secure and reliable attachment of the bars to the deck. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your scooter is built for strength and stability.

Wheels: The Havoc 110mm wheels with a high rebound rating of 85-88PU provide excellent grip and superior resilience. These wheels are designed to withstand the impact of intense tricks and deliver a smooth ride over various surfaces.

Grips: The Havoc Grips offer a comfortable and slip-resistant hold, allowing you to maintain control and execute your tricks with confidence. Experience optimal grip and ride in style.

Total Weight: Weighing in at a mere 8.80 pounds (3.99 kilograms), the Havoc Descendant Pro scooter strikes the perfect balance between durability and lightweight design. Enjoy effortless maneuverability and freedom of movement as you take your scooter skills to new heights.

Unleash your potential and take your scooter riding to the next level with the Havoc Descendant Pro scooter. Crafted with precision and passion, this scooter combines top-quality components with optimal performance to elevate your riding experience. Whether you're an experienced rider or a beginner ready to make a mark in the industry, the Havoc Descendant Pro scooter will accompany you on your journey to greatness.


Product Specifications:

  • Bars: 25” Tall x 24" Wide
  • Deck: 20" x 4.9"
  • Brake: Havoc Aluminum Flex Brake
  • Fork: Havoc Heat treated Aluminum Fork
  • Headset: Havoc Fully Sealed Integrated Headset
  • Compression: Havoc HIC
  • Clamp: Havoc New design CNC Double Clamp
  • Wheels: Havoc 110mm 85-88Pu High rebound
  • Grips: Havoc Grips
  • Total Weight:8.80Lbs (3.99Kg)


  • 5
    Favorite scooter i will ever ride

    Posted by Grant on Sep 4th 2022

    The dejion taylor signature is my favorite scooter that i will ever ride. the colors are both great and the height is perfect for me. Its not too small and not too big, great for learning park tricks. This complete has lasted me a long time and the deck hasnt snapped. it doesnt even have a single crack in it. Dejion Taylor killed it with this one.