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​What are the best pro scooter wheels?

​What are the best pro scooter wheels?

Nick Almaguer on Apr 7th 2022

There’s a lot of thought that goes into picking the best pro scooter wheels. Some pro scooter riders prefer super lightweight wheels, other riders prefer more durable wheels, and some just want the absolute coolest looking pro scooter wheels they can find. We’ve even had riders come into our shop and just want the absolute most affordable pro scooter wheels so they don’t feel bad when they tear them up!

We will be the first to say, pro scooter wheels aren’t cheap. So we want to do our best to point you into the right direction to find the perfect wheels the first time! Keep reading and we will go over our favorite wheel brands and series within them so you will know everything you need to know about picking pro scooter wheels.

What size pro scooter wheels should I get?

This is always a tough question because most parts aren’t compatible with every size wheel. And even if your scooter is compatible with all size wheels, do you have the spacers that came with it so you can change sizes?

Now if that question alone stresses you out, don’t worry. All our contact info is at the bottom of this page and we would absolutely love to help you figure that out. There are only two common variables to wheel size which makes it pretty easy for us to help you. The two variable are wheel width and wheel diameter

  • Wheel Width

There are technically a bunch of wheel width available, some companies decide to do slightly unique sizing which really doesn't make a difference on 99% of scooters because there is some wiggle room. So when we are talking about wheel width, we are really talking about the width of the wheel core, which will either be 24mm or 30mm. The most common size is 24mm but many riders prefer the grip and stability of the 30mm wheels. Simply put, this has to do with how fat the wheels are. 24mm wheels will typically be lighter while 30mm wheels will be slightly heavier. We’ve seen brands do 26mm wheels, but really that is a 24mm wheel core with a 26mm outer urethane and will most likely fit any pro scooter that can fit 24mm wide wheels.

  • Wheel Diameter

Wheel diameter is just the height of the wheel. A lower wheel diameter can result in less material being used and therefore a lower wheel weight. Larger wheel diameters have the benefit of faster travel speeds. This property comes from a really cool physics principle. When talking about pro scooter wheel diameter there are three main sizes and a third size that's growing in popularity. The first wheel diameter size is 100mm and it is becoming less and less popular as time goes on. 100mm wheels are commonly found on scooters in big box stores and tend to make for slower travel speeds, we aren’t really sure why these are still a thing. The absolute most popular pro scooter wheel diameter is 110mm because it offers a good travel speed and can be made relatively light weight. Chances are you have or will ride this wheel size at some point. Finally 120mm is becoming more and more popular in the park riding scene. 120mm wheels offer the fastest travel speed which is great when you are trying to quickly pick up speed to go up a large ramp and get maximum air. The down side with 120mm wheels is that they are a little bigger and therefore a little heavier, but with new engineering methods this problem is becoming negligible. Now we said there is a wheel size that is rapidly growing in popularity, and that's the 115mm wheel. The Street riding community has absolutely been loving 115mm wheels because they travel at a great speed, seem to be more balanced when riding a wider wheel width, and keeps your center of gravity right where you want it for street scooter tricks.

*Now that you know the pros and cons of each wheel size, we definitely recommend making sure you double check what size width and diameter wheels you can ride so you know which section to look at next

Our Favorite Pro Scooter Wheels By Size

Our Favorite 100mm x 24mm Pro Scooter Wheels

Envy is one of the few pro scooter brands still making aftermarket 100mm wheels, and we love them for that. If your pro scooter only fits 100mm x 24mm wheels we hands down recommend checking out the Envy 10mm wheels.

The Best 110mm x 24mm Pro Scooter Wheels - For Park Riders

It’s no secret park riders love Root Industries Honey Core Wheels. These things were literally engineered with weight reduction in mind. Honey Core Wheels not only feature a hollow core to reduce material, but they also spent the time to perfectly engineer their honeycomb cutout pattern to get rid of every last piece of unnecessary material. We at United States Pro Scooters recommend these wheels to any park scooter rider who wants to minimize the weight of their scooter and look great doing it! You can find the Root Industries Honey Core Wheels.

The Best 110mm x 24mm Pro Scooter Wheels - For Street Riders

Proto is one of the most beloved brands in pro scooter riding. Not only does proto do an amazing job supporting the pro scooter community, they also make some of the best wheels on the market. Proto Offers two main types of wheels, the Proto Grippers and the Proto Sliders. If you want a faster, more reactive feel go with the Proto Sliders which feature a harder urethane. If you want a more forgiving, impact resistant, ride then definitely check out the softer Proto Grippers. Proto scooter wheels are ultra durable, ultra performing, and come in amazing color ways. Find all the best Proto Scooter Wheels.

The Best 110mm x 30mm Pro Scooter Wheels - For Street Riders

30mm Pro Scooter Wheels are definitely more orientated for street scooter riders. We haven’t really seen anyone making 110mm x 30mm pro scooter wheels, but we tried a pair out recently and absolutely loved them! Prey Today is a relatively new pro scooter brand, but they came out swinging. We at United States Pro Scooters have been beyond impressed with everything Prey has released and think it's super cool they are offering this unique wheel size. If you want a lower center of balance and maximum stability definitely check out the Prey Sense Wheels.

The Best 120mm x 24mm Pro Scooter Wheels - For Park Riders

It’s worth noting Root Industries recently released Honey Core Wheels in 120mm x 24mm and they are just as great as the originals, we definitely recommend checking them out. However, for 120mm x 24mm park wheels we have to respect a classic, and that is the Envy Hollow Core Wheel. The Hollow Core Wheels are great because they are super lightweight and durable while featuring a stunning look and a handful of design options. Another unique trait of the Envy Hollow Core Wheels is that they feature a 24mm core width and a 26mm urethane width allowing for extra traction while giving you faster travel speeds. We recommend these wheels for anyone looking to catch speed quickly to hit any big ramp in the park. Find the Envy Hollow Core Wheels. Plus, check out the Jon Reyes Signature Hollow Core Wheels.

The Best 120mm x 24mm Pro Scooter Wheels - For Street Riders

For Street riders we honestly recommend going with 110mm x 24mm wheels or some nice chunky 30mm wide wheels. But we understand there are a lot of hybrid riders who want that faster travel speed and can’t fit 30mm wide wheels, so this section is for you guys! If we were going to run 120mm x 24mm wheels on a street set up, we would probably have to go with the Envy Gape Core Wheels. These wheels are pretty dang durable and look great while offering that faster travel speed. Gap Core wheels come on the extremely popular Envy Prodigy Complete so many riders have put these wheels to the test without any complaints. Check out the Envy Gap Core Wheels.

The Best 120mm x 30mm Pro Scooter Wheels - For Park Riders

Just like in the section above, we normally wouldn’t recommend 30mm wheels for park riders. But once again, we love our hybrid riders and know a lot of you are doing park style scooter tricks at parks with a little rougher terrain or even out and about on obstacles in your everyday life on the streets or in a plaza. Luckily for you guys Envy just recently released its Tri Bearing Wheel. The Envy Tri Bearing wheel is super cool, especially with it’s unique integrated tread design just like a car would have. These wheels offer fast travel speeds and lots of grip so that you can not only hit big air tricks, but have the added stability in your landing. You can check out the Envy Tri Bearing Wheels.

The Best 120mm x 30mm Pro Scooter Wheels - For Street Riders

Right now there just aren’t a ton of options for good 120mm x 30mm wheels for street riders. We are definitely seeing more available every day, but a lot of riders who are interested in this larger wheel size tend to opt for a size of wheel called “12 Standard” which we will get to later. As it stands we once again have to recommend the Envy Tri Bearing Wheel. 120mm diameter is a little overkill for the average street rider, you don’t need the extra speed as much when doing street tricks and sometimes going into a street trick too fast can be a little sketchy. Nonetheless, if you are looking for 120mm x 30mm wheels for street scooter riding the Envy Tri Bearing Wheels are a great option. The machined inner core on these wheels are super durable and the wide urethane will give you plenty of traction and stability to land any of your tricks. Check them out here Envy Tri Bearing Wheel.

The Best 115mm x 30mm Pro Scooter Wheels - For Park Riders

No - No - No No No - No No. Don’t do it! If you are a park rider please never ever ever get this size wheel. Scroll back up to the 120mm x 30mm section if you have to run 30mm wheels. But there is no reason for a park rider to be running 115mm x 30mm wheels. Like we said earlier, 120mm x 24mm are our go to park wheels and 120mm x 30mm wheels if you’re more of a park focused hybrid rider. We are telling you this to help you. That being said, if you want to run 115mm x 30mm wheels on your park scooter just to spite us, read the next section for the street scooter riders and go with those wheels.

The Best 115mm x 30mm Pro Scooter Wheels - For Street Riders

At United States Pro Scooters we love UrbanArtt and we love 115mm x 30mm wheels for street riders. We were beyond excited when UrbanArtt decided to release their Civic Wheels in the 115mm x 30mm size. There are so many awesome features on these wheels from their soft urethane for easier landings to their 6 spoke hollow core design with truss support systems for light weight and maximum durability. These are amazing wheels that are perfectly balanced in weight, travel speed, and stability. Plus the UrbanArtt Civic Wheels come in beautifully simple and clean colorways that can make any scooter stand out from the crowd. Check out 115mm x 30mm UrbanArtt Civic Wheels.

What Is A “12 Standard” Wheel?

12 Standard is a wheel size far more popular in Europe than in the United States. If we had to put a reason to it, we would have to say that it is much more common to find uneven cobblestone pathways in Europe and that for these uneven surfaces you would want to have a larger wheel to lower your chances of your wheel getting stuck in a crack. Plus the added stability of the wide wheel set probably helps a lot too on those uneven surfaces. The measurements of a 12 Standard wheel are 125mm x 30mm which is a rather larger wheel size. Now we’ve said repeatedly that large wheel diameters are less popular for street riders. So why are 12 Standard wheels only ever rode by street riders? The 12 in the name 12 Standard is the size of the bearing, 12mm. Typically scooter wheels use 8mm bearings like skateboards. The larger size of the 12 Standard bearing creates a slower travel speed that counteracts the larger wheel diameter and leads to a more balanced travel speed. In the United States our sidewalks are pretty smooth with minimal large cracks so this larger wheel size isn’t all that necessary. Plus there are a ton of skateboarders and skate shops here that sell 8mm bearings which makes it super convenient if you ever want to change your bearings in a set of normal scooter wheels.

The Best “12 Standard” Pro Scooter Wheel - For Street Riders

Ethic, a French company, is the king of 12 Standard pro scooter parts. There is a whole variety of 12 Standard Ethic parts available from decks to forks to wheels so that you can have every part you need to make the switch. Ethic even offers completes with 12 Standard wheels pre-installed which is super cool and super unique. If you are in an area where a larger wheel size would benefit you due to uneven terrain, definitely check out the Ethic pro scooter line up. In terms of wheels you can’t really go wrong with anything Ethic produces. That being said, we really love the look of the Ethic DTC Mogway 12 Standard Wheels and want to feature them. The Mogway 12 Standard wheels are big wheels and therefore not the lightest things out there. But man are these wheels durable! We partially picked the Ethic DTC Mogway 12 Standard wheel because of its eye-catching 5 spoke core and simple colorways such as black, chrome, and raw. Check out the Ethic DTC Mogway 12 Standard wheels.

We Are Here To Help!

Wheels are such an important part of your scooter. You want them to last a long time and perform perfectly for all your tricks. But we know there can be a lot of compatibility issues with different parts so picking out pro scooter wheels can be tricky. Luckily for you, we are here to help! All our contact info is at the bottom of the page and we answer everything. So, if you’re stuck trying to pick out the perfect pro scooter wheel let us know and we will make sure to find exactly what you need.