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Best Skate Scooters For Under $200

Ethic DTC Complete

- Complete Pro Scooter

Ethic is known for making extremely light weight and durable pro scooters that are perfect for any skatepark! We aren't kidding when we say this thing is light weight it's absolutely amazing. Plus with the matte black finish, this scooter is definitely easy on the eyes. 

Vokul Saga 2

- Complete Pro Scooter

When your buying a scooter to take to the skatepark you definitely want something big enough and durable enough to take whatever tricks you throw at it. The Vokul Saga 2 really stands out because it is a pretty big scooter (one of the biggest you can get out of the box) for a great price. If you want to save a few bucks and get a quality scooter, definitely look at the Vokul pro scooter lineup. 

Envy One S3

- Complete Pro Scooter

The Envy One S3 is the ultimate entry level pro scooter, this thing is amazing. With a super small form factor, the Envy One S3 Complete is designed for younger riders who want to absolutely shred the skatepark on a super reliable and durable scooter with a simple two tone colorway. 

What Is A Skate Scooter?

A skate scooter, more commonly referred to as a pro scooter, is an extra durable version of a kick scooter designed to be able to handle riding obstacles commonly found at skate parks. Unlike your normal big box store scooter that folds and collapses, pro scooters are designed to have fixed and bolted on parts for added durability and logevity. Other key differences between a big box store scooter and a pro scooter include the size, weight, and performance. Simply put, a pro scooter will provide an overall better riding experience and be able to handle anything you throw at it at any skate park.

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