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What Is A Micro Scooter?

A micro scooter is a three wheel scooter for toddlers. Micro scooters are great for learning how to balance on a scooter because they have a third wheel for added support. Generally, micro scooters are much more affordable than traditional kick scooters and feature large wheels and a flexible plastic deck


How Do You Pick A Micro Scooter?

You may be tempted to go pick up a twenty dollar micro scooter from your nearest big box retailer. But keep in mind... kids beat toys up! The key  is finding a micro scooter for a good price that can handle the beating your toddler will deal to it. For a little bit more than what the big box stores charge, you end up with an extremely superior product. Plus, a lot of micro scooters even offer adjustable handle bars so you can change the height of the scooter to keep up with your endlessly growing toddler.


What Is The Best Micro Scooter?

A ton of brands offer micro scooters. We are currently weeding through all the options to find the absolute best! Come back soon to see what we pick!

best micro scooters

In the future, you will find the best micro scooters in the U.S. here. For now... enjoy this picture of a puppy.