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Best Hella Grip Products

Georgie Louis Sig Griptape

Hellagrip has been so hyped to finally release Georgie Louis’ signature Hella Classic Colorway. A black-on-black Hella Classic logo with a clean look. Each sheet is now printed on their classic Formula-C griptape, measuring at 7x24 (inches). 

XL Rev Griptape

Hella Grip killed it with this Formula T griptape.  The classic Hella Grip XL Rev logo is a transparent colorway. Transparent grip has started to become popular in scootering to perfectly match any deck color underneath. This also comes in size 7x24 (inches). 

Van Hellan Griptape

The Hella Grip Van Hellan grip tape is vibrant and low key at the same time which is nearly impossible to create. This grip tape is printed from their classic Formula-C griptape, measuring at 7x24 (inches).

Who are Hella Grip?

Hella Grip is a brand which started solely specializing with griptape. Based out of Northern California in the bay area, Hella grip was started by riders for riders. With the simple task in mind to provide the most sticky and adhesive griptape possible, the slang word "hella" is commonly used in the Bay area which led to naming the brand "Hella Grip" due to the fact the grip tape is "Hella" amazing and grippy.

How much are Hella Grip Griptapes?

Hella Grip has hella great pricing. Regular production Hella Grip will run you less than eleven bucks while Hella Grip Signatures come in at less than fourteen bucks. Plus there is hella selection to choose from. Stay tuned for us adding Hella Grip's hand grips, wax, and much much more!

Is Hella Grip A Good Griptape Brand?

Hella Grip cares about the scooter industry more than you could ever imagine. Based on that, it is beyond clear that Hella Grip makes amazing products and is an amazing brand. If you want to support the scooter industry, use products that look hella nice, and perform hella well... YOU NEED HELLA GRIP!