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Best Versatyl Complete Scooters & Parts

Cosmopolitan V2 Orange Blue Black

The Versatyl Cosmopolitan V2 is a stunt scooter well suited for throwing tricks all over the place. The rugged chromoly steel bar on this setup is a really good choice for trying new tricks with critical landings. In addition, the IHC compression system gives you a very smooth spin experience with easy maintenance. These colors on the Cosmopolitan are absolutely rad.

Bloody Mary V2 Black

Known as the  lightest actual complete scooter on the market. This scooter is made from a feat with Scoot2street. He's a French youtuber rider and he's the most famous rider "youtuber" in Europe and one of the biggest in the world with over 1,160,000 followers. Look at how dope this thing looks.

Bloody Mary V2 Black Deck

This deck is great for any beginner and the price for it is just as good. The deck comes in at only 2.59 lbs, 20" long, and 4.65" wide. These dimensions make for an extremely fun park deck!

Who Is Versatyl Scooters?

Versatyl Scooters were founded by Kevin Demay, a French freestyle scooter rider and engineer who was responsible for developing Ethic DTC scooters. Versatyl Scooters produce entry-level pro scooters and scooter parts. The brand is known for producing smaller, lightweight scooters with sleek and clean designs but also making scooter parts such as forks, bars and wheels.

How Much Are Versatyl Scooters?

Versatyl is a perfect option for riders who want something park oriented, and cost efficient. The quality and style is unmatched for a scooter in this price range, making the Versatyl one of the best pro scooters on the market today!

Is Versatyl A Good Brand?

Versatyl aims to combine high-quality products at affordable prices, perfect for beginners and youngsters looking to get started with pro scooting. We definitely find Versatyl to be a good brand and recommend many entry level riders to begin with Versatyl.