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Best Girl Scooters In The US

Envy KOS S7 Charge

- Complete Scooter

Aqua blue, neochrome and rainbow? Come on, this thing looks awesome and checks all our boxes! This scooter can really be used for all tasks, but with nice wide wheels and a squared back end it excels for riding around the front yard and at doing street style grinding tricks. This really is the perfect scooter if youre looking for "girly" colors but want something that is going to perform exceptionally well.

Vokul Dyno 2

- Complete Scooter

Vokul is one of our all time favorite brands. They offer amazing prices for quality scooters with clean and simple color combinations. The purple and orange combination on the Dyno 2 really stands out to us. We put the Dyno 2 on our list for smaller young riders just starting out - it's great for riding around the yard or learning your first tricks. You won't find a better bang for your buck beyond the Vokul brand scooters.

Envy Prodigy S9

- Complete Scooter

Envy's Prodigy series has been a fan favorite for years. Prodigies are the perfect mid range scooter if you want something nice and reliable without breaking the bank. We picked the oil slick color way for obvious enough reasons, the rainbow and geometric patterns on this thing are too beautiful to pass up! This scooter is perfect for cruising the neighborhood or learning your first park tricks. 

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What Is A Girl Scooter?

We will be the first to tell you, all scooters are for boys or girls. We don't care if it's covered in flames and skulls or rainbows and unicorns - whoever rides whatever is what it is. That being said... you ended up on this page for a reason... and we are here to help you find the pinkest, purplest, most glittery scooters possible for any kid of any age.


How Do You Pick A Girl Scooter?

Whenever you pick a scooter it comes down to picking the right scooter for the right job. We have scooters for everyone whether they want to just have a fun mode of transportation to ride around the front yard or something to do some insane tricks on. Realistically, when picking a scooter to ride around, most of us can agree you just want the coolest thing you can find that fits your personality and makes you want to jump on it. We will add that you should definitely pay attention to the size and make sure you don't get anything too big or too small. But besides that, have fun and find a scooter that will serve almost as an extension of your personality. Things change when we are talking about scooters for tricks. There are two main categories of tricks - street and park. It's common for people to get these terms confused... you can do park tricks on the street and you can do street tricks at a park, so let's simplify this. Street tricks are those that consist of grinding on rails, ledges, and curbs. This form of riding is super popular because it can be done almost anywhere. Park tricks on the other hand typically consist of going off large ramps and doing flips, spins, and twists in the air. Because street tricks involve so much grinding we recommend wider decks with squared (boxed) back ends - it's like having built in pegs. Park riding on the other hand really requires a lot of control, so small lightweight scooters are the way to go!

What Is The Best Girl Scooter?

Like we said above, every scooter serves a purpose. Whichever scooter best meets your needs is the best one for you. Below you will find some of our best suggestions for each riding style and we even went the extra mile to make sure we picked the "girliest" ones we could find for any situation.