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Commuter Scooter

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 Right now only one scooter that stands out above the rest. That scooter is the KOS Soul S7. This scooter features large wheels, a wide deck, SCS clamp, and beautiful T bars.We can't say wow enough times for this one, with an emphasis on street riding making it a perfect commuter.Keep in mind, we have many more to come!

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What Is A Commuter Scooter?

In as simple of words as possible, a commuter scooter gets you from point A to point B. Whether that is getting to work, going to the store, or maybe going down to the park to relax. Commuter scooters are a great, portable, and green way to travel. Typically these scooters will be fairly light weight and have large wheels so it is easier to get over cracks in the sidewalk.


How Do You Pick A Commuter Scooter?

Picking a commuter scooter is a much less daunting task than it sounds. The beauty of this is, commuter scooters are not  performance based, you just want something that ticks the general boxes and feels good to ride. Don't overthink it.


What Is The Best Commuter Scooter

We are looking through a bunch of brands right now to pick out the best commuter scooter that meets our expectations. Basically, we only want to offer the best commuter scooters on the market for amazing price points. In terms of our current inventory, there is really one scooter that stands out for commuting and that is the Envy Kos S7 Soul due to its large wheels, wide deck, and pretty great height.