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Freestyle Scooter

Best Freestyle Scooters In The US

Vokul Dyno 1

- Complete Freestyle Scooter

Coming in at an amazing price point, Vokul has become one of our favorite freestyle scooter brands. The Dyno 1 is a great freestyle scooter for any beginner who wants something durable and reliable without breaking the bank. You wont find a better freestyle scooter for a better price point than the Vokul brand.

Lucky Crew

- Complete Freestyle Scooter

The Crew series from Lucky pro scooters has been an industry staple for years. Lucky is known for putting out exceptionally high quality and leightweight freestyle scooters. If you are looking to go hit some ramps, the Lucky Crew could be the perfect freestyle scooter for you.

Envy Prodigy Street Edition

- Complete Freestyle Scooter

The Prodigy complete, street edition, is definitely a fan favorite. Between the great price point and the squared boxed ends, it is the perfect freestyle scooter for anyone starting out who wants to grind some rails and ledges.

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What Is A Freestyle Scooter?

what is a freestyle scooter

A freestyle scooter is an upgraded form of a traditional kick scooter. Key benefits include added durability, smoother ridability, and upgradeable replacement parts.  Overall, freestyle scooters dont fold or collapse - even the height is custom cut to size for each specific rider. Whether you are looking for better performance or added durability, freestyle scooters are the perfect upgrade from your traditional big box scooter.

How Do You Pick A Freestyle Scooter?

With a freestyle scooter, size is everything. If you are ordering online, and dont want to cut the handlebars to height, pay a lot of attention to the height of the scooter. You want the handlebars to sit between the waistband and the top of the belly button.  In terms of deck size, it depends on what your plans are. If you are just cruising around the neighborhood we don't reccomend focusing on deck size.

Now, if you are planning on hitting the skatepark, we have some tips for you. Lighter smaller decks between 4.5 inches and 5 inches are great for swinging around off ramps, the small size gives you added control. If you are planning on doing a lot of grinding on ledges and rails 5.5 inches and bigger are great. When you pair a wide deck size with a squared (box) back end, its like having built in pegs for grinding.

how to choose freestyle scooter

What Is The Best Freestyle Scooter?

best freestyle scooter brands

The best freestyle scooter is the one that best fits your needs. Some people like heavier more durable freestyle scooters for the added longevity. Others enjoy compact light weight freestyle scooters so they feel more in control. Overall, when picking a freestyle scooter - height, deck size, and weight are the key factors. Different freestyle scooter riders have different preferences, but we listed a few of our favorite complete freestyle scooters below to get you started.