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How Do You Put On Pro Scooter Grips?

How Do You Put On Pro Scooter Grips?

Nick Almaguer on Apr 11th 2022

There are so many unique and creative ways to put on pro scooter grips! You can easily put on scooter grips with household items and, really, you can put on scooter grips by hand with no tools at all - it’s just a bit of a work out.

You can put on scooter grips using an air compressor, hairspray, windex, rubbing alcohol, zip ties, or with no tools at all. The main thing in all these methods is to twist the grips back and forth while you pull them up the handlebar little by little

How To Put On Scooter Grips With An Air Compressor

An air compressor is definitely the easiest and cleanest way to put on pro scooter grips. If you have an air compressor, all you have to do is place the nozzle between the bar and the grip (the interior side of the bars, not the outside) and then feed the air in while you twist the grip back and forth, pulling it into place. This works because the air compressor forms an air pocket between the grip and the bar, allowing the grip to slide freely… think of it like an air hockey table.

How To Put On Scooter Grips Without An Air Compressor

How To Put On Scooter Grips With Hairspray

This might be our favorite way to put on grips because hairspray is a household item and you can get a huge can of it for super cheap! To put on scooter grips with hairspray is super easy. All you have to do is spray the hair spray inside the grip (not on the bars) and then slide the grips right on into position. The hair spray allows the grips to slide right on and then dries sticky so they absolutely won’t move around after you have them in the correct place.

Now in all fairness, there are two main downsides to this method, but they are minimal. The first downside is, even if you use the proper amount of hairspray, it can take thirty minutes to dry. If you use too much hairspray it can take over an hour to dry. You want to avoid riding while your scooter grips are drying because they can spin or slide into a weird position which can be a little sketchy. The other downside is that once the hair spray dries, good luck readjusting the grips. Because the hairspray dries sticky it can be fairly difficult to get the grips back off without ripping or tearing them. So make sure to leave them on until it’s time to change them

How To Put On Scooter Grips With Windex

This method works almost identically to the previous method. Windex is a super common household item which makes it really convenient. You simply spray the windex into the grips and slide them on into position and wait for it to dry.

Now with this method the drying times take a little longer, closer to a full hour. However, windex doesn’t dry nearly as sticks as hairspray. This is great because it allows you to have an easier time removing the grips if you ever need to adjust them. So, if you're okay waiting a little bit longer for your grips to dry this is a great method to try!

How To Put On Scooter Grips With Rubbing Alcohol

This method works great with rubbing alcohol or alcohol based disinfectant wipes. Just like the last methods this one is super simple with one key application difference. In all the other methods we spray inside of the grips. If you're using rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes you want to apply it to the handlebars and then quickly slide the grips into place.

You might have noticed we said to quickly slide the grips into place. This is because alcohol can evaporate quickly, and if you're super unlucky, it will dry when your grip is only halfway applied. If this happens you have to slide the grips off and try again. With the quick evaporation comes one major benefit and that is there is very little waiting time for the grips to dry before you can ride. So, if you're in a hurry to ride this is not a bad method to put on your scooter grips.

How To Put On Scooter Grips With Zip Ties

Honestly, not a fan of this method, it’s a lot of work, but a lot of people use this trick, so we will share it with you! To put on scooter grips with zip ties there are a handful of steps. It’s not the most difficult thing in the world, but read carefully. You may need up to 20 zip ties to successfully use this method, so make sure you're fully stocked before you start.

  1. Wrap the zip tie around the handle bar, but don’t tighten it all the way, you want to leave enough space to fit more zip ties underneath it.
  2. Feed the zip ties through the loop parallel to the bars with the locking boxed end staying on the inner side of the loop.
  3. Once you have zip ties all around the bars, tighten the looped zip tie semi tight, you don’t have to go full hulk on it, just nice and snug.
  4. feed the grips around the zip ties until you can't get it any further
  5. Yank on the original loop zip tie in the direction you want the grip to go. Use your oher hand to direct the scooter grip into the proper position. You can go full Hulk on this step.
  6. Cut the original looped zip tie and remove all the zip ties. Pliers might help.

As you can see, this method is fairly complicated. Once you get it down it works great, but personally, we are sticking to the hair spray method.

How To Put On Scooter Grips By Hand Without Tools

This method actually works really well if you're at the skatepark or somewhere you don't have access to any of the other stuff in this article. Even if you really know how to do this well, it can be a bit of a work out. Just like anything else, the more you do it the easier it gets.

So, you start by sliding the grips as far as you can down the bars. Once you get stuck, the workout begins. We use our non-dominant hand to twist the grip back and forth down the bar. Simultaneously we use our dominant hand to slap the opening of the grip to create an air pocket. If you do this correctly the grip should slowly slide into place.

A couple quick tips for this trick. The absolute most important thing is to create that air pocket by creating a seal with your hand around the grip. The more force you can apply the larger the air pocket will be. If the grip is flailing back and forth, you're not creating an air pocket, you should be smacking it straight down the handlebar.

Scooter Grips Assembly Summary

All these methods to install scooter grips have their pros and cons, but you should easily be able to do at least one of them. If you absolutely get stuck, maybe check out a youtube video. If you're still stuck, we recommend going to your local scooter shop or bike shop and they should be able to do it no problem.

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