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Best urbanArtt Products

urbanArtt Butter Deck and Butter Wax

Featuring a very interesting chromoly steel dropout with a nylon sleeve, giving you a grind as smooth as butter. The UrbanArtt Butter Deck is 5.5" or 6" wide by 21", 22", or 23" long, with an 83 degree headtube angle. Toss in the new Urbanartt Butter Pro Scooter deck wax and make your grinds smooth like butter!

Civic T Bars And Civic Clamps

The all-new Civic T Bars combine all the strength elements required for the modern street rider. UrbanArtt has made a durable and beautiful T bar design by butting the tubing and heat-treating the cromoly. The Civic clamp has a reputation as a rock solid and modern reliable clamp that won’t let you down. The two make for the perfect pair!

Anvil Forks and Civic Wheels

The Anvil fork is designed to handle any thrashing and stunts you plan on doing. The Anvil Fork is for those that want to test their boundaries and are ready to shred. The Civic Wheels have been designed to handle high impacts. The design is incredible, they’re finished with a solid set of high impact urethane with a smooth finish. The Anvil fork and Civic wheels make a great combination for the smoothest street riding possible!

Who are urbanArtt?

UrbanArtt is a French brand that specializes in the production of the highest quality scooter parts. UrbanArtt bars, decks and accessories are refined and crafted to meet the needs and reliability of street riders. urbanArtt was established in 2012 by a team of pro scooter riders, they're love for the sport of pro scooters is very apparent in every part they release.

How much are urbanArtt Parts And Accessories?

UrbanArtt is an artisan level brand producing some of the highest quality parts available. Most UrbanArtt products are priced at industry standard. However, when they do release something a little more pricey than average, you get your money's worth. For example the Butter Deck is pretty up there in price, but the amount of extra accessories you get is amazing. We can't think of another deck that gives you the option of a brake or a fender included AND an extra set of replaceable dropouts. UrbanArtt's parts and accessories are sold so that the rider can customize their scooter. urbanArtt produces parts and accessories from grips to wheels and everything in between to give you the best riding experience possible for a fair price.

Is urbanArtt A Good Brand?

UrbanArtt specializes in manufacturing high-quality stunt, pro and trick scooter parts and accessories for every level of rider. This French brand provides an amazing riding experience full of stability, durability, smoothness. If your a street rider trying to shred some rails and clear some gaps, this brand provides it all. If you want your scooter to last through anything you throw at it, we can't begin to recommend UrbanArtt enough!