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Best TILT Scooters Parts And Accessories

Tilt Sentry Handlebars

The Sentry Bar is part of Tilt’s Stage II collection that features backsweep and upsweep for added comfort. The 3D formed steer tube smooths out the welded areas decreasing knee and chin hits. The heat treated process improves strength and comes with a lifetime guarantee (Thrash Resistant) against bends and cracks. Riders love these bars and we definitely recommend it! 

Tilt Stage 1 Handlebars

The Stage I Handlebar is developed for balance of strength and price. As far as we know, these bars are the only T-bar available that is heat treated after welding. Tilt's heat-treat process gives it strength and decreases risks of bends and cracks. You can’t beat the price for these and cannot go wrong with the Stage I Handlebar.

Tilt Theory 3 Deck

The Theory 3 Deck is part of Tilt’s Stage III collection and the evolution of the original Theory. Each release is improved by Tilt. You still get the original Theory features such as the welded fixed fender and welded dropouts. Tilt uses unique downtube geometry and welding processes to ensure you're getting the best balance of weight and strength. The Theory 3 Deck is center weighted in all sizes for better control in whip and bar combo tricks. Riders who love this deck swear by an improved trick selection, and you can be next. 

Who are TILT Scooters?

Tilt creates high quality, American made, scooter parts for the freestyle scooter riders all around the world. Based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Tilt is definitely one of our favorite scooter brands. If you're looking fora balance of strong and lightweight pro scooter parts: then Tilt is the brand for you!

How Much Do TILT Scooters Parts And Accessories?

One of our favorite things about Tilt is that they have a wide variety of price points on all their pro scooter parts. Tilt is able to manage this by seperating their products into three collections: Tilt Stage 1, Tilt Stage 2, and Tilt Stage 3. Generally speaking, the price point goes up in each stage, with Tilt Stage 3 being the highest quality of engineering. So, if youre on a budget, definitely look into the Tilt Stage 1 lineup. If you want the best of the best the Tilt Stage 3 lineup is for you!

Is Tilt Scooters A Good Brand?

Tilt is a ridiculously good brand! Pro scooter riders ask us about Tilt parts pretty much every day. Between the quality, price point, colors, and designs - we here at United States Pro Scooters can't think of a better brand for longevity, performance, and aesthetic appeal with such an amazing variety of price points. We also have to give an extra shoutout to Tilt for all they do to grow and promote the sport of pro scooters. Tilt is a gem!