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Best Raw Bars

Raw Bar Vegas v5

If you follow any of the Ethic team, you’ve probably seen a few of them riding these bars. The Vegas v5 Bars come in at 23.6 inches wide and are available in three different heights including 26.8, 27.6, or 28.4 inches tall. Look at those welds, they’re ready for any impact after some killer stunts. 


Raw Bar Toronto v3

The Toronto bar by RAW is back and better than even in it's third version! If you’re looking for high durability, these bars are it. Also, these bars are Oversized and do not come with a Slit, so if you're looking to ride either IHC or HIC you will need to get a Slit installed.

Raw X Wise Bar

These bars are handmade in France and known to be strong over the years. The Y shape bar has become iconic for the European scene, so the Raw x Wise Bar fits in perfectly. These also do not come with a Slit and will not be compatible with IHC or HIC unless you get a Slit installed. 

Who is Raw?

Raw Scooter Bars is located in France, and produces some of the best scooter bars on the market. They are made in France by the famous welder Julien Perret.The brand is called Raw, since the look of the scooter bars is so handcrafted and raw, which appeals to a lot of core riders. The bars are oversized, which again adds to the rough and raw look of the raw scooter bars.

How Much do Raw Bars Cost?

We'd have to say that Raw has great pricing and high quality bars. Raw features some of the highest quality bars available with it’s “raw” design. You’re buying handmade bars from the beautiful country of France, that alone is enough said. You won't find a better price on hand crafted bars anywhere else.


Is Raw A Good Brand?

Heck yeah! Raw is great! These bars are strong and ready for any impact on them.Nothing beats the quality of artisan hang crafted parts. Get yourself a pair and feel confident throwing any trick or stunt at them.