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Best Oath Parts And Accessories

Bermuda 110mm Wheels

The Bermuda Wheels are constructed with just the right mix of speed and durability. These tapered fatter 26mm wheels with low profile are available in 110mm and 120mm. You can get these in various colors featuring a really cool light-weight design with great performance. 

Oath Bermuda Grips

The Bermuda grips are perfect for keeping your hands in position as you perform your tricks stunts. They also come in a bigger sized diameter to give extra cushioning for those big landings. These grips are 16mm in length,  come with different sizes of bar ends steel and aluminum handlebars and a huge variety of unique colorways.

Oath Cage Alloy Clamps

Coming Soon...

The Cage SCS clamp is unrivaled in design. With its flush brackets and cut outs, this clamp is built strong whilst keeping weight reduction in mind. The Oath Cage Alloy clamp undergoes a CNC and Forge process to add strength and leaves an amazing intricate design.


Who are Oath Components?

Oath specializes in extremely unique parts and accessories for pro scooters. Oath products are manufactured and designed by experts in collaboration with some of today’s most influential pro scooter riders. Oath is one of the leading pro scooter brands in function, design, and performance. With parts that look this good... it's no surprise! 

How Much do Oath Parts And Accessories Cost?

Oath is right on trend with industry average in terms of pricing. But we'd have to say that's a pretty great deal. Oath Components features some of the highest quality products available with some of the most stunning and unique designs that really make any pro scooter stand out. If you're looking for any scooter parts or accescories, you can't go wrong with Oath Components.

Is Oath A Good Brand?

Oath Components specializes in manufacturing proffesional level quality scooter parts and accescories for every level of rider. From kids who want a bright colorful scooter that stands out to professionally competing riders, Oath really has something for everyone. When you're riding the same parts as the pros you dont have to worry about quality because that's already a given. Oath is a great brand for anybody who wants high quality pro scooter parts that simply look amazing.