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North Grips and Decks

Horizon XL Deck - 7"

This is the widest deck to ever hit the market! The Horizon XL 7.0 is also built with some added material for strength yet remains relatively lightweight for its size. Specs of this deck are, T-6 aluminum, 83.5° headtube angle, 3D forged headtube, and 3° concave. If you want a huge scooter or need a little help with your 50's, this deck is for you!

Essential Grips

 North Scooters has all new Essential Grips that feature a simple ribbed design. These grips are known to be extremely comfortable and they have a super clean aesthetic. A slightly thick base for comfort and durability with the elegant North logo bar ends - these things are the hole package. North Essential Grips come in various colors to match any setup out there.

Atlas Deck 5.5"

One of North’s most popular decks with a thicker deck profile, fully flat bottom, an extra blunt front end and a top cutout for added style and weight reduction. Specs of this deck are, T-6 aluminum, 83.5° headtube angle, 3D forged headtube, and 3° concave. This deck is built for people who ride hard and need a deck that will last.

Who are North Scooters?

North Scooters is a Canadian pro scooter brand that manufactures high-quality complete scooters and scooter parts built to last through any tricks or stunts you throw at them. North Scooters began with a group of young riders that decided to create their own brand. Their mission is to design and produce quality products for riders by riders. North Scooters gives you the freedom to customize your own scooter with beautiful and extra rugged parts and accessories or simply buy a complete setup from them to get ya started.

How much are North scooters?

In terms of quality, North Scooters are super well priced. You will be hard pressed to find another brand that makes products that will last as long as North's period. Although they're not an exceptionally affordale brand, North Scooters is known to put parts on sale as new ones come out. So not only are North Scooters fairly priced... but they have the deals too! If you want to go all out you can get all the newest North Scooters parts and build your own custom complete. But if you want something that's going to ride amazing and handle anything you throw at it (for a great price) they have a whole line up of completes in different colors and styles.

Are North Brand Scooters Good?

North Scooters specializes in manufacturing high-quality pro scooter products for every trick and stunt you can think of. This Canadian, rider owned, really puts in the extra time to produce some of the highest durability pro scooters on the market. Not to mention these things are beautiful! We highly reccomend North Scooters because they are an amazing brand with amazing products. If you're a street rider you have to try some North Scooters parts!