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Which Havoc Pro Scooter is the best?

Dejion Taylor's Signature Complete The Havoc Descendant Pro Scooter

This complete by Havoc Pro Scooters is super special to us. Not only are the teal and matte black colorways extremely eye catching - but, Dejion Taylor is a pro scooter rider who lives right up the road! In terms of performance, the Havoc Descendant is an amazing pro scooter. Dejion Taylor rides it himself and if you've ever seen him ride, you know this man knows what he's doing! 

Havoc Mini Complete Pro Scooter

This pro scooter is so cool! Featuring 17" bars, this complete is generally used by our younger riders who don't fit the larger pro scooters so well but still want to shred! All said and done the Havoc Mini Complete is pro build quality in a small form factor. For young riders, this pro scooter is the obvious go to.

Havoc Hoss 2021 Complete Pro Scooter

Hoss is Havoc Pro Scooters' street complete and it shows. Featuring a wide 5.75" deck, SCS compression system, and steel T bars this complete is ready to handle any ledge or rail you throw at it. Did we mention this price point is a steal? You could easily spend $100 more for these same stats. Havoc Pro Scooters focuses on quality and affordability, the Havoc Hoss 2021 complete pro scooter is a perfect demonstration of those two ideals coming together.

Some Of Our Favorite Havoc Pro Scooters Parts

Who Is Havoc Pro Scooters?

Havoc Pro Scooters was established in 2011. Since then, Havoc Pro Scooters has become the most popular brand in Canada and is expanding rapidly into the USA and Australia. There continues to be an increasing amount of scooter competitions throughout the world which is creating longevity and popularity in this exciting sport. Expect to see Havoc Pro Scooters grow along side it!

How Much Are Havoc Pro Scooters?

Havoc Pro Scooters offers a variety of price points. Between the entry level Havoc Mini Complete pro scooter and the Havoc Hoss 2021 Complete pro scooter you will find a price range just under $140 to $260 for Havoc complete pro scooters. In terms of parts, Havoc Pro Scooters offers great price points. Every single Havoc Pro Scooters part is either at or below market average. Given Havoc Pro Scooters makes such high quality parts, we love to see these price points that won't break the bank!

Is Havoc Pro Scooters A Good Brand?

Havoc Pro Scooters isn't just a good brand, they're a great brand! Havoc has shown us love since day one and so has Dejion Taylor, their local pro scooter rider. Havoc Pro Scooters has helped United States Pro Scooters grow, they have helped the sport of pro scootering grow, and with the high performance and eye catching completes and parts they put out; we are sure Havoc Pro Scooters will continue to grow!