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Best Fasen Scooters Parts And Accessories

Fasen 110mm Jet Wheel 

These Fasen Jet wheels are great! These wheels have been tested by Fasen Pro Riders Brenden Smith and Vincent Kudrna so you know they will do the job. Bearings are included, but keep in mind that these wheels are sold individually so the price is for one wheel.

Fasen Team Deck - Mini

This mini deck is anodized Oil Slick with Jara's custom deck graphic. Look how cool it looks! We love the color and super smooth style! This deck is 510mm/20' Long by 120mm/4.75",  Wide 82.5 degree headtube, and 360mm/14.2" footspace. Also, it includes a nylon brake and front plate. This eye catcher will have you wanting to ride more.

Fasen Ozzi Bars

The all new Fasen "Ozzi" bars are Aluminum so you know they're light and they feature an all new denser aluminum alloy to increase the strength of the bar. They come at 23.6" (600mm) by 25.6" (650mm) tall with a pre-installed slit. These bars are perfect for IHC compression, giving you extra confidence to land while practicing your new stunts.  

Who is Fasen Scooters?

Fasen scooters started in association with Brendon Smith in 2011 as a result of the need to bring out a range of highest quality, cutting edge parts for an ever growing industry. Fasen’s focus is on aftermarket products with sleek, radical designs. The core of Fasen is quality over quantity with a range of products including Decks, Bars, Forks . This is maintained in its team of elite riders from around the globe.

How Much Do Fasen Scooters Parts And Accessories?

Fasen Scooters makes high-quality scooter parts that are designed to meet the rider’s needs. You can catch quality components at great competitive pricing. You won’t be let down after buying anything Fasen makes. 

Is Fasen Scooters A Good Brand?

Absolutely! Fasen continues to develop quality components for professional riders and the common user. Riders that are at the top of their game such as  Vincent Kudrna, Jara “mini” Soukup, Edy Fluckiger and Colby Ruigrok are Fasen riders.