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Featured Aztek Complete Pro Scooters

Aztek Fountain Complete

The Fountain Complete has a fresh new design that uses a 5.5”x21” Fountain Deck with a fully extruded head tube and solid aluminum dropouts. This complete is also assembled with a 3D forged aluminum, Apollo aluminum alloy bars, and SCS compression. The Fountain Complete is one of the most stylish and functional scooters for riders of all ages.

Aztek Siren Complete

The Siren Complete is geared towards someone looking for a street complete that comes ready to shred straight out of the box. The Siren comes with a 6” deck, large 27”x24” bars, and super steady 115x30mm wheels. The larger deck and bars are also a great choice for a taller rider. The Siren offers an amazing riding experience for it’s value, and our team highly recommends it for riders of any age and any skill level. 

Featured Aztek Pro Scooter Parts

Aztek Lucid 2 Deck

We cannot say enough good things about the Aztek Lucid 2 Deck. This thing comes in a bunch of sizes, so there's one for everyone. Plus you would be hard pressed to find a deck half as good for the price. For anyone on a budget that needs a lightweight stong street deck, you need to check out the Aztek Lucid 2 Deck. The standard Lucid 2 decks come up to a 6" wide by 23" long and as small as 5.5" wide by 22" long. Plus Aztek just released the Michael Hohmann signature version which is offered in a 6.25" Width and options of 22" or 23" of length. This deck is a beast! 

Who is Aztek?

Aztek produces a collection of complete scooters and all the parts needed to create your own custom complete. Aztek offers some of the lightest products on the market by removing unnecessary materials that add weight. Aztek is the epitome of balanced light weight and durability.   

How Much Is An Aztek Scooter?

Aztek completes run at amazing price points for serious quality. You can begin with the Architect complete at $159.95 or move up to an even higher tier like the Siren complete at $239.95.  Parts and accessories are also sold so that the rider can customize their scooter. Aztek produces parts and accessories from grips to wheels and everything needed to give you the best riding experience.

Is Aztek A Good Scooter Brand?

We love Aztek Scooters and recommend them for any of our customers. Their completes are ready for shredding, catching speed, and catching air. The Fountain offers so much value to any rider and the Siren is a great complete for a taller or more serious rider. Plus, the fact that all their scooters are so light weight, make them a great starting point!